How to establish a killer morning routine

by Alina


You may not be a morning person (like me), but it is time you harness the power of a killer morning routine if you have not already. 

What’s a morning routine and why do I need one?

Having a morning routine does not mean that you have to wake up an hour earlier and complete a fixed list of tasks before you can feel like you can start the day. You should simply set aside the first hour or so of the day to prioritise yourself. Take the time to check in with yourself and just be.

As an entrepreneur, it is super important to start my day with the right mindset. I need to be feeling upbeat and creative before I can share my content with the world. I sometimes wish it was effortless, and inspiration landed on my plate, but the reality is it takes mental energy and time. 

Harness the power of intention. By waking up with a structured routine, you can start your day right. You feel like you have achieved something even though, in reality, you did not have to exert that much effort. Although cycling is my passion, I also know that my mind and body cannot survive on cycling alone.


Routine: Morning pages.

Write anything and everything that comes into your head. Just write three pages each morning. It does not have to make sense. You do not need to reread it or let anyone look at it. If you are truly lost for words, one morning, do not stress and just write “I do not know what to write” over and over again until your mind takes you in another direction.


Routine: Mindfulness and meditation.

Even if you struggle to sit still for 5 minutes, meditation is a skill that is worth harnessing. By just taking 5 minutes out of your morning, you can train your mind not to sweat the small stuff. You are building your minds resilience in preparation for the decisions and challenges you face in day to day life. To start, just try to focus on your morning coffee as you drink it. Take the time to savour the taste and the revitalising feeling of that early morning caffeine rush.

Routine: Practice gratitude.

Write or think about a few things that you are grateful for. Rather than starting your day by getting sucked into the latest humdrum news headline, take a moment to appreciate what you do have. It can be as simple as genuinely feeling grateful for the invention of the bicycle (I know I am).


Routine: Jump on the bike.

If you have an indoor trainer, then perfect, as you do have to get all dressed up or worry about what the weather is doing. The idea of a morning bike ride is not to build up your fitness, but more to just use the time to get your body moving, blood pumping and give you some time to reflect on yesterday and plan for the day ahead.

Make it a habit.

These are just a few practices that have helped me get into the right frame of mind and set my intentions for the rest of the day. The beautiful thing is that once they become a habit, you no longer think about them. It is incredible how quickly things can snowball and materialise when you are starting your day with a positive mental attitude. 

A little bit of science as to why a killer morning routine works so well… Early morning and late at night is when our brainwaves are the slowest…Your mind is a sponge, your self‑conscience is wide open. It is programming your values and sense of identity, making it the perfect time of the day to prioritise you and take the time to remind yourself how beautiful and unique you truly are💕

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