Entrepreneurship & Endurance sports are similar

by Agentur Authentisch

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs get drawn to endurance sports, such as cycling and running. Without a doubt, this is not a coincidence because the types of people that start their own businesses are the exact types of people that you would meet when you go to any endurance sporting event.
With that being said, how are entrepreneurship and endurance sports similar? Why do they both attract the same types of people?

1. They both require serious commitment. 

You can’t train for a 300‑mile cycling race by doing the bare minimum. If you attempt to cycle 300 miles without training properly for the event, then you will struggle. However, if you prepare for the endurance cycling event, then you will achieve your goal. When you are starting a business, you also have to commit to putting in the work and you must be consistent. If you are starting a business, you can’t just put up a Facebook page, an Instagram profile and a website and expect money to automatically roll into your bank account. Successful entrepreneurs and successful athletes are committed to putting in consistent effort.

2. Both require you to be able to deal with adversity. 

Many times, starting a business can feel like you are cycling up a huge mountain. It can get overwhelming and you may even feel like giving up. However, those who succeed in business and in endurance sports understand that adversity is part of the game and that obstacles are put in front of them to see how committed they are to reaching their goals. Therefore, it is important to view adversity and challenges in a positive light. Successful entrepreneurs and endurance athletes know that they must embrace the challenges in front of them to find ways to overcome them.

3. They both teach you to be patient. 

In order to see results, you must be patient. You will not finish Top Five at the Tour de France after going for a few bike rides. At the same time, you will not build the next Amazon in a short period of time just by putting up a website with a few products. If Tour de France is your goal, then you have to realize that it takes a long time to get into that kind of shape. If building a billion dollar business is your dream, then you must recognize that it will take years, or even decades, for customers to learn who you are and what you do.

4. Both require you to stay focused and be tenacious.

Whether you are starting a business or training for an endurance sporting event, you must never give up. You must create a plan for how you will reach your goal and be committed to executing that plan. However, you must also recognize that things won’t always go according to plan and be ready to adapt without giving up in the process.

As you can see, entrepreneurship and endurance sports are very similar and require you to possess the same traits if you want to be successful in both. 

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