Cycling is (Female) Empowerment

by Alina

Cycling is female empowerment. It is riding into a new world and a new inner perception

My kit makes me feel like superwoman 

Life on two wheels has already done so much for me. Above all the following: boosting self‑confidence. When I get on my bike in my kit, I feel like superwoman. I feel powerful and (until a car passing by too close gives me another fright😅) invincible.

Shut up, head.

All meaningless burdens are released from me. Instead, I can focus on what truly matters. For once I feel real freedom. Final acceleration at 30 kmh on the bike. An inner calmness keeps me pedalling.

Self confidence 

This passion has also changed how I perceive myself. It’s not only the legs that are getting stronger! I know that I am doing this for me and that it does me good. I feel much more confident in my day‑to‑day life and less afraid of all the challenges life throws at me😎.

Historical female empowerment 🚲

Of course, this is not a new feeling. In the 19th century, bicycles became emblematic of women’s bid for freedom and self‑determination. From that time on, women developed a growing taste for independence. There is no doubt about where that wonderful and important empowerment came from. ⁠
Susan B. Anthony once said that the bicycle “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. I feel you, Susan. ⁠

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