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    Is saddle pain normal?

    by Alina

    It is no secret that I love cycling, but to be honest, I did struggle with the teeny weeny seat when I first jumped on a road bike. When you look at the saddle on road bikes, your mind instantly (and logically) tells you that this will hurt. The good news is that with a few tips and a little bit of time, your bum will come to love your saddle, and you will find yourself being able to sit on it for hours on end in pure bliss (then you have to start worrying about the pain in your legs haha).

  • MotivationWomen

    Choose To Challenge!

    by Alina

    Ladies, we got this! ‑ #Choosetochallenge
    I have opened up discussions about inequality in cycling before. With today marking international women’s day, it is only appropriate that I post about the world of women’s cycling and open the floor to see if you believe that the cycling community is all‑inclusive.

  • Mental HealthWomen

    Cycling is (Female) Empowerment

    by Alina

    Cycling is female empowerment. It is riding into a new world and a new inner perception. Life on two wheels has already done so much for me. Above all the following: boosting self‑confidence. My kit makes me feel like superwoman.

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