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Sensitive & Savage / Cycling & Photography / Clipped in & Free

Hej to everyone who’s following my journey here!

I am Alina, I’m 25 and I can be found on Instagram as Clippedinandfree.⁠
I was a “weird” child. Spent more time with my books than with other people. I wanted to become an author to change the world by writing.⁠
All my time at school felt as if I was a misfit. The odd child. Unconventional. Just uncompromisingly myself. Social conventions have never really made sense to me.⁠
Living in your own head has both, advantages and disadvantages. I’ve walked my rocky path. I lost myself; I found myself. Again and again..⁠.

If something did not feel right, I stopped doing it. ⁠
Dropped out of my studies. Quit my job. ⁠
Now I am self-employed as a content creator and run a content creation agency with my boyfriend @mikula.thome ❤️⁠

My biggest passion defines me the most: I am a cyclist.⁠
All my life I was trying to find out who I am and with every change I seem to find myself a little bit more. I lose myself in ideas and dreams.

I am both, disillusioned and naive at the same time.

I am sensitive and savage.

I am a mix of paradoxes.

I am

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